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Ann Mariager is a Danish writer, journalist and public speaker. She is self-employed and has an office on Town Hall square in central Copenhagen.

Her latest book ”Inga Arvad – den skandaløse skandinav (the Scandalous Scandinavian) was published in Danish in November 2008. It tells the story of the tumultuous and adventurous life of Arvad, a Danish beauty queen and journalist (1913-1973), whose affair with John F. Kennedy in Washington, DC, during World War II led the FBI to relentlessly harass her.

After her divorce from her Egyptian husband in the mid-1930s, Arvad worked as a freelance writer based in Berlin. Her articles were published in Denmark and internationally, and what she wrote later came back to haunt her in the United States. After Berlin, Arvad travelled the Far East to assist her second husband, the filmmaker Paul Fejos. In 1940 she enrolled in Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Upon graduation, she became a columnist in Washington. Arvad’s love affair with a young navy ensign, John F. Kennedy, led the FBI to suspect that she was a Nazi spy. With the support of the White House, the FBI harassed Arvad relentlessly, and Kennedy was relocated to Charleston, SC. Their affair continued until Arvad chose to leave Washington. She then worked in New York and later in Hollywood. The Nazi rumor, however, reappeared, and Arvad retired from public life. She married Western movie actor Tim McCoy and settled down with her husband and sons in Arizona. The FBI’s surveillance of Arvad is considered by some American historians as one of the 10 most unfounded cases against an individual in the U.S.

The book is based on 1200 FBI documents on Arvad, Ann’s research in Washington, Boston, London, Paris and Copenhagen, interviews with Arvad’s co-workers and family, and access to Inga Arvad’s private papers. “Inga Arvad – den skandaløse skandinav” is published by Gyldendal.

Following her graduation from the Columbia University Gradudate School of Journalism in New York in 1979, Ann established herself as a freelance correspondent and worked as a press attaché at the Consulate General of Denmark in New York. She returned to Denmark and has since prolifically written for theater, television, radio and print. She is a popular public speaker on humor, women’s issues and currently, with the Arvad biography, on the adventurous life of Inga Arvad. Ann also writes an occasional column in magazines and newspapers.

Ann is on the board of the National Press Club of Denmark. She has served on the board of WIFT Denmark (Women in Film & TV) and The Danish Dramatists and Playwrights Guild. In 1989, she received a critics’ award, “Årets Revyforfatter”, for her comedy writing for women. In 2005, she received a travel grant from the Danish Endowment for the Arts. In 2006, she stayed two months as a resident artist in the New York apartment owned by Bikubenfonden, the largest private sponsor of the arts in Denmark.

Her latest book "Mageløs på matriklen", examines the art of being single, living on your own after 40, and having a good life.

Media Madness v/ Ann Mariager

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